07_22_09.jpgIt's surprising to me how much peace one can feel in the middle of a couple of hundred people.

Yet that's exactly what I felt at "Camp Widow" (love the nickname, M!).

To be surrounded by so many women, and a great guy, who understand what I'm feeling before I have the words to describe it ...... is very peaceful.

It's not that it was all sugar and spice .... I mean really ..... we were there for a pretty sucky reason, right? And it was difficult to hear some of the stories, or just to look at the numbers of people in a room and know they all have a story. I think the hardest part for me was all of the very young widows. There were many (or there were many with amazing plastic surgeons!).

But ..... there we were, together. Laughing ..... a lot. Crying .... sometimes, but laughing more. And I bet it's been a very long time for many of us since we've laughed more than we've cried.

It was a wonderful weekend. I needed it. I think most of them needed it.

I look forward to "Camp Widow 2".

And until then, when I'm not feeling all that peaceful ..... I will remember that weekend, the women (and wonderful guy!) that I finally got to meet face-t0-face, and will smile ..... and feel some peace.

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