Our Fairy Tale

I try not to think too much on all the things we would have done, family we would have built and life together we would have lived.

I try not to imagine it too much, for there is a pain associated with the what-ifs and that which we were unable to fulfill as the soul mates we are.

We lived our fairy tale. Our own Disney movie.

Like a knight on a white horse, you came and saved me from myself, took me to a safe place and calmed all my fears and hurt. I wish we could mourn together the losses we both share, for I know you mourn them too.

I think people look at me now and think all is shattered all is lost with the possibilities we once shared.

Not all was.

It isn't.

We did live happily ever after, even though the plot took a twist and all the characters we would have wanted to add to our tale never came to fruition.

The fairy tale ending didn't happen though, and I will admit that.

For what we share has no ending.

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