Michele Neff HernandezMichele Neff Hernandez

Executive Director

Michele is the founder of Soaring Spirits, the creator of the Camp Widow® program, and the one woman shop onsite in the Soaring Spirits office. Michele plans events, answers calls, ships orders, makes copies, calls widowed people to offer support, keeps in touch with our community daily, picks up the mail, writes receipts, manages all the Soaring Spirits programs, and speaks to audiences of all shapes and sizes about why hope matters, and how Soaring Spirits shares a dose of hope with every widowed person we meet!

Dana JacksonDana Jackson

Camp Widow® Operations Manager

Dana is the guru of all things Camp Widow®! She works on every aspect of our incredible camp program from budget planning to meal planning to creating the packets our campers receive for our moving message releases. Dana works year round on the Camp Widow® program, because we are always closing up one camp or planning another! You will see Dana run past you in a flash at 6:00AM on Saturday morning, though she was the last one out of the room after Friday night’s event…her dedication and creativity are a huge asset to the Camp Widow® Program!

Dianne WestDianne West

National Volunteer Coordinator

Dianne West makes the volunteer world here at Soaring Spirits go round! She coordinates the many amazing folks who say, “I want to help!” We have a huge variety of volunteer positions available, and Dianne keeps track of them all; providing information, job descriptions, on-site assistance, and a reminder now and then! With Dianne’s help, our Soaring Spirits volunteer force is making a difference for widowed people around the world!

Jenny SellersJenny Sellers

Global Operations Manager

Joining us from San Diego, Jenny is our Global Operations Manager.  Having attended her first Camp at just 10 weeks post-loss, Jenny developed a true passion for supporting new widows and widowers who attend camp.  Jenny provides operational support for all Soaring Spirits programs as well as assisting with the Newly Widowed workshops at Camp, managing various offsite events, and providing additional logistical help to the Executive Team. 

Susan Hannifin-MacNabSusan Hannifin-MacNab

Programs and Education Manager

Susan serves as the Soaring Spirits® Program and Education Manager, with a focus on growing and supporting the Regional Group Program and assisting with Camp Widow® planning and development. She brings with her experience as the San Diego regional group co-leader, long-time Camp Widow® camper and presenter, as well as decades as a social worker, educator and community organizer. Susan’s passion (when she is not hiking the hills or swimming at the beach!) is creating and fostering community connections. She believes: “You heal, I heal, we all heal together.”