Grief. Love. Magic. A new road. A new life~


If all things that are impossible

Became impossibly real,

And the unimaginable

Became impossibly imaginable,

And what is impossibly, unimaginably, inconceivable,

Became entirely plausible.

In a world where my fiercest and most impassioned pleas,

Ringing forth from the depths of my shattered heart…

Could be heard pulsating through the days and nights of the almighty Universe,

And the gods of the Romans and Greeks and all gods through Time

Were to hear my cries,

Bouncing off the stars and the moon and the sun…

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Grief and Widow Questionnaire

My mind takes me into weird places, since being widowed, and today I imagined filling out a questionnaire, titled What has grief taught you?

It would emphasize the importance of filling this out with no filter, thank you very much.

How long have you been widowed? How I’d pose the question: how long since your entire world exploded and evaporated?

It’s been 5 fucking insane, confusing, wandering around not knowing what the fuck I’m doing, years.

What was your initial experience of grief, on the moment of impact?

It felt like my world vaporized and evaporated around me. The ground liquified under me and the world went black around me. But maybe that’s just me.

What has grief and widowhood taught you?

It’s taught me how fucking hard life can be.

Has it made you stronger?

No. Excuse me…FUCK no.

Explain: Well, I was already strong. And I knew it. And I knew that I’d somehow keep standing, no matter what. That’s bullshit, thinking it made me stronger.

Has this experience made you kinder?

 Again, fuck no. I was already fucking kind. To a fault. Because that’s the kind of person I’ve always been.

Has this experience made you take life less for granted?

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Just me, trying to figure this shit out, after the firestorm of my beloved husband's death~
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