I recently came across this quote and found it spot on!

Even nearly 7 years later, I find others questioning my choices (new and old) on how I have not only survived Micheal's death, but chosen to thrive, grow and live afterwards.

It made me realize that although Clementine hit the mark, she forgot a necessary factor.

She forgot to add something that is  important for all survivors to understand.

That life after loss is not made up of the things we "chose" to do, but is completely made up of the things we CHOOSE to do.

That additional "O"  acknowledges that this is a lifetime process. Not some tiny blip in time.

 We will continually be questioned. We, at times, may even feel guilty or the need to explain ourselves. Don't.

Let your life be a culmination of things you choose to do for you. Choices that you may have to make over and over for the rest of your life, but ones you know are needed for your unique journey. A journey I'm sure you'll find to one day be a magnificent one.

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