Next Week

8_6_11.jpgNext week, at this exact time, many of y'all will be home...and when I say home, I mean at Camp Widow.

Though I will be unable to attend this year, it was my honor to be among fellow widows and widowers at last year's celebration of love, life and survival.

My fellow widows have been a blood line and a huge reason I've made it this far and actually become reacquainted with a long lost friend, Happiness. I wish that for us all and in whichever way, shape or form we can find it.

So, pull out a needle and thread and feel free to proudly sew on that scarlet letter "W" to all of your apparel, don't forget some dancing shoes, and most importantly, remember that home is where the heart is. And your heart and love and stories will always be cherished by those who know it's true depths, so share away.

As SSLF so proudly says, "Widows Rock" and I'm honored to rock on among you.

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