New Year's Resolutions....

new-year-res-4.jpg...... whatever.

I don't have any resolutions.
I wish that I could say that's because Jim died 6 years ago.
But I didn't make resolutions before that.

I tried, for years ...... really.
But I found that most years, I failed at whatever it was.
Maybe I set the bar too high.
Most likely I set the bar too high.
But one year I just gave them up.

For me, making new year's resolutions is kind of like giving up something for Lent. 
Which I don't do, either.
I think that I should always be in the process of bettering myself, of trying to give up bad habits, characteristics ...... people.

Not that I always succeed, but the purpose is to continue to try.
I don't want to do something because it's what's expected.
That's the rebel in me.  Of course.
And that's no surprise to anyone who knows me.

So as far as the year 2014 goes ...... I can only hope that it starts off better than 2013 is ending.
It's been a difficult week.  On many levels that are beyond my control.
Not a great way to end the year.

I know that Hope is real.
Even when I don't always feel it.
Hope is more than a feeling.
Because feelings rise and plummet.

I cannot control anyone else in the world.
No matter how much I wish I could.
No matter what I want for them.

All I can control is me, and how I react.
I don't always react well ...... I wish I did.  I'm still working on that.
Maybe I'll work on that for 2014.
Not that I'm resolving to do that!
Not formally.

I'm just saying ...... maybe I'll try.

And thank you ...... to all of you who read and support us.
I know you'd rather not be here, so thank you especially for being here ...... in spite of that.

I wish us all a peaceful and Hope-filled 2014.

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