National Widows Day is a Thing

Today is National Widows Day. 

There is also something called International Widows Day. 

The purposes of both of these days is to A: acknowledge widowed people B: be kind to widowed people C: spread awareness about how widowhood affects a persons life, and how, in some parts of the world, widows are even looked down upon or in danger. 

So, I do understand why these days exist. 

But, they also make me feel really awkward. 

Like, "Hi, Im a widow. This is my day! Please be nice to me today. "

I feel as if perhaps I should put on my black veil, pet some cats, knit some afghans, and act extra weepy today. 


What would be super cool is, if on this day, everyone would give me cake and cookies and things involving gravy and none of it would make me gain any weight and I could eat whatever I wanted the whole day because its Widow Day. 

Maybe people could toss cash my way, just because, and then I could take a trip to Italy or Australia like Ive always wanted. 

I wish we didnt need a Widows Day. I wish it werent necessary. I wish that people would just be nice to widowed people and acknowledge us every day, because thats a really nice thing to do. And some people do. But others dont. Others will still always tell us to get over it and move on, and why arent you better yet, and all that fun stuff. Those people wont change their ways on National Widows Day. They will keep being insensitive and rude, and speaking about things they dont really know about. Maybe we should have National Insensitive / Rude People Day, where we get to call out all the rude people anonymously, and they would all be forced to take a course in how to treat people better. 

But thats not a thing. Widows Day is a thing. 

I dont know what the point of this post is. 

Happy National Widows Day. 

ps. I should at least get a paid day off! 


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