My Sister

unnamed.jpgOne of the greatest gifts Joey ever gave me was his sister. She lived with us from the time we moved in together. And for six years after that. Her and her daughter were part of family. When they finally moved out because she got married it was very hard. It was like a part of our family left. She is not only my sister in law and best friend, she is just my sister. In fact that's normally how we refer to each other. She has been there for me through so many life moments. 

My kids being born and helping to raise them. She was in my wedding and I was in hers. 

When Joey did she was all I could think about. They were so close. He gave her away in her wedding, he was her father figure. We made it through the storm together. We seemed to understand each other without having to use words. After Joey died she would just come lay in bed with me and hold me. She has always just been here and loved me no matter what. 

And when I started dating she was excited for me. She wanted that happiest for me. When others in Joeys family were not ok with it she was. 

This past week I got to be there for her during the birth of her second daughter. It was a long and hard labor but she made it through and both Mommy and baby are heathy and doing well. I know Joey would of been in that room with her if he could of. He would of held her hand and walked her through it. I was honored to be able to do it. 

It's hard when these major life moments happen because you can imagine them there. You can picture their tears of joy and see their smile. And I could feel Michele's sadness when we spoke of him during the labor. 
Her baby girl is so perfect and has beautiful dark hair. She looks a lot like Michele. But in a perfectly amazing way she looks just like Joey. I hope he is proud of her and loves that little baby all the way from heaven. She will only know him through pictures and memories but she will know him. 

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