My Beloved

My beloved,

How thin, or thick, is the veil

Between your world and mine?

Is there a world for you?

Or did you just disappear into nothingness?

Are there alternative worlds in which

You and I exist at a different time?

Still together, still living our lives,

Living and loving passionately,

Instead of me, living here, alone,

Feeling all that nothingness that it seems you disappeared into?

Are there worlds beyond the one where we were together?

Is there a world where we’ll be together again,

Or was what we had here, all that will be?

I ask these questions of myself.

I ask them of the Universe.

There is no answer, of course.


If it is only a matter of a thin veil between us now,

Then know that I love you just as madly as when we were two,

And that Love that was between us, is between us, still.

It always will be, you know.

Yes, of course you know.

I’m the one that must be convinced of this,

Because you are so gone and it’s so hard to know it.

Until I remember that there is no death that can truly and fully separate us.

Our Love, our Love story…it is stronger than death.

It must be.

I will not allow it to be any other way

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