Moving Forward ... Not Moving On

janine.jpg.... is different from moving on.

Moving on implies forgetting what is past.

Moving forward is more difficult. It involves carrying the past with you while you walk forward one step at a time. Never forgetting, but continuing to breathe and live.

Some days I can accomplish this.

Some days I can't.

Some days the past feels too heavy to carry with me.

But I'm getting there.

But ..... the date is gone and I survived.

I am now well past that date of two years. Who would've thought?

Not me.

No way.


There were many days when I really didn't think I'd survive the week, let alone the months and years.

But here I am .... still breathing. Still walking.

Most days.


I am blessed.

I am thankful.

Most days.


I am thought of.

I am loved.

Every day.


And I thank God for the rest of you out there, those I've met and those I have yet to meet, who are with me on this road.

I thank Him for the way we all support each other and the way we "get it" .... with words, or just with hugs (real & virtual).

I cannot imagine having to walk this road alone.


Thank you .... each one of you .... for encouraging others through your pain.

It's quite an amazing community.


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