Moment of Silence for Football Widows ....

Every single year, at this time of the year and until the conclusion of football season in February with the Superbowl, millions of women, and in few cases, men, all over America, suffer alone. Their suffering is so great, that they take their plight to the masses; posting all over social media about how they will once again be a football widow while their husband or partner goes away for short periods of time, to watch and enjoy football. 

On this day, I would ask that we please share in a moment of silence for all the many “Football Widows” that will once again find themselves alone and confused this season. Here are the cold, hard facts about football widowhood:

Did you know that the average sports-loving man watches anywhere from one to three football games on any given Sunday? (Get it? That was a reference to a movie about football, for those not following along)  Each Sunday, and sometimes Mondays too, and lately, even on THURSDAYS!!!, men begin to retreat into their living rooms, or sometimes OTHER MEN”S LIVING ROOMS, where they sit in front of their TV’s for hours, sometimes for half a day or maybe an ENTIRE SUNDAY, leaving their families in the next room to figure out life alone.

Did you know that sometimes during football season, a woman may not see her partner for hours on end? This can often be traumatizing for them – especially for young mothers who are left alone with their children – THEIR OWN CHILDREN!!! – over a few hours time. Many women, during this time, find themselves questioning their partner’s love for them, and some even present their partners with crazy ultimatums, due to their deep and misunderstood pain.

“It’s me or the football games!”, they say through tears. Most times, the football games win, and the women seep into a place of darkness and loneliness, that most of us could never understand. These same tragic and traumatic circumstances can also happen to women who love men who enjoy other sports or activities. Let us please pray for the golf widow, the baseball widow, the hockey widow, and the lesser known "hunting widows" and "tax accountant widows." 

Please everyone – let us pray for all of these sports widows – as I could truly never comprehend their pain, and cannot IMAGINE what it must be like to never see my husband again – for the next few hours while a sporting event is on the TV.

 Let us pray. Who knew there were so many other kinds of widows out there – other than the kind that lost their partners to DEATH.  Please share this article if you know a football widow, or other sports widow. These women need compassion and undertstanding, for their plight is very real. (she laughs and rolls her eyes)

Donations for widowed people who haven’t lost their partners due to death but still feel the need to refer to themelves as widows, can be made at this fake, sarcastic, web address: 

Thank you so very much. 

Together, we can make a difference. 

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  • Kelley Lynn
    commented 2017-10-12 09:16:28 -0700
    Hahaha!!!! Youre right Don. I neglected to mention shopping widows. You too, deserve a day.
  • Don Yacona
    commented 2017-10-09 11:22:58 -0700
    What about us widowers of shopaholics?