Missing Out on Things


Lately I have been thinking a lot about where I have been, where I am going.. and how lucky I am.


I can’t help but think about my husband.


About how he didn't realize how lucky he was.


I know he had no idea how much he would be missing out on by choosing to leave this life.

I don’t think he had the slightest idea of how much LIFE he would be missing out on.


I look around and realize how much of my life that my husband has never experienced.. and never will.

From things like my “new” house (I wrote about it here).


Things like my achievements in work, life, socially, travel and experiences that just leave me in awe.


It pains me to know how much of life my husband is missing out on.


From watching me change.. and age. To camp widow, to taking a widow retreat in Golden, Colorado (took that trip in 2011), our eight year wedding anniversary, the invention of smart phones, me getting my second (and soon to be third) tattoo, pets that have come and passed. All of my best friends, my husband never met. My husband Is missing out on my family growing and changing. Our friends getting married and having babies. And some of our friends passing away.


Eventually he will miss out on seeing me walk down the aisle and give my life to someone.. again.


There is so much of the day to day “stuff” that he is missing out on.


Sure.. there is a ton of stuff that I have experienced because I am widowed. But I still want him to experience the widowed me.


Whenever something exciting happens I immediately want to pick up the phone and call him. I want to bore him with my excitement.. 


Then I suddenly remember.. three years later, he is still dead.


Then the sadness hits. Yet again, he can’t experience this excitement.


His life ended.. and so did his chance to experience this amazing thing we call life.


Knowing my husband is missing out on so much.. missing out on life.. is one of the saddest things I experience on a daily basis.



Maybe there is more exciting things after this life, but I still want him to experience THIS life.


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