Melissa Grahek Pierce

I was 44 when my husband, Dave, died in our bed in January 2011. We had adopted our sons 6 years prior from the Oregon foster care system and overnight I became a widow and single mom to two very scared and sad little boys. I felt like the only woman in the world that this had ever happened to and began trying to connect with anyone who understood what I was going through. I couldn’t find any books or grief groups that resonated with me so I began searching on the internet. I found what I was looking for when Camp Widow came up in my search one sleepless evening. I attended the San Diego event in August 2011 and finally connected with the most amazing people who “got it”. I didn’t feel so alone anymore, I finally had hope that I could move forward and create a meaningful life for me and our sons because I talked to and witnessed others who were doing it. I never imagined I would write a memoir, Filled With Gold, a book that I so desperately wanted to read when I was moving through grief. I never imagined I would move out of the corporate world and be of service to this world as a widow coach. Soaring Spirits didn’t just impact my life, it changed my life.


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