Meet Michelle Dippel

03_23_09.JPGMeet Sassy and Spicy.  Also known as Michele and Michelle, and to some of you as the original "Widow Match." We are pictured here at Michelle's home in Texas celebrating the life of her husband, Daniel, who died in November of 2005 of laryngeal cancer. Our husbands died two months apart, we are the same age, we share a wicked sense of humor, and we are both single moms to wonderful kids. A perfect match, thank you God.

Michelle finishes my sentences, laughs at my jokes, wipes my tears, calls me on my stuff, is the voice on the end of the line that calms me, supports me, or cheers me on...depending on the day.

And I get to share her with you! Michelle will be a contributing author to this blog starting very soon. You are going to love her, and the blog will be enhanced by her witty, real-life, fun-loving view of the world. Welcome aboard, tacalla...I will let her explain that title.

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