Man's Best Friend

dippel.jpgA little over 6 years ago a tiny bundle of joy joined our family. We went to the pound, looking for a medium-sized short-haired dog...and came home with Osa - a tiny kodiak bear-cub of a dog. The joke was on us when our vet explained that our tiny fur-ball was actually part St. Bernard. She quickly grew into a ginormous hairy beast. I have joked over the years that she would make a fabulous rug.

Osa passed away yesterday. After a couple of months of mysterious digestive problems, our vet diagnosed her on Friday with cancer on her spleen and liver. She was declining quickly, and clearly in quite a bit of pain. Grayson came back from his fishing trip on Sunday and I had to break the bad news: she was very sick and not going to make it. My sweet little boy told me with tears in his eyes that he didn't want her to suffer and he wanted to be there when the vet put her to sleep. He said "it's like her funeral, isn't it? I should be there."

We took the day off yesterday, spent time with Osa, brushing her, talking to her, telling her what a good girl she is. We distracted ourselves by spending time with great friends. It was a very long day as we waited for the appointment. Finally, the dreaded moment arrived. Grayson and I sat next to Osa on the floor of the vets office, and they administered the drugs to stop her heart. It took only seconds for her to feel the effects and she slowly dropped her head, while we stroked her and told her over and over what a good girl she was. It was horrific and peaceful, and I'm so glad we were with her.

Our Osa was the sweetest dog you could ask for, and she is already greatly missed. Grayson wants to bury her ashes at the cemetery with Daniel, and I can't think of a more perfect place for her. Daniel loved her so much, and I have a clear image in my mind of him waiting to see her. Take care of her for us Daniel. Love to you both.

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