Making New Footprints (continued)

08_11_09.JPGDo you know what it means to miss New Orleans? Well I do. :) I'm missing New Orleans right now. My stomach is missing it especially, OMG did we have some amazing meals last weekend in that city. But, better than the food, we made some amazing memories.

My little guy fell in love with the city and can't wait to go back. I was a little worried that the activities I had planned would be too boring for a nine year old. Not to worry!! We managed to strike an excellent balance of activities that made the trip good for both of us. We had a blast together: swimming, walking for hours, creole cooking class, shopping for him, shopping for me, a movie, lots of fantastic food, jazz music, street tap dancing, people watching, art galleries. Grayson figured out to his dismay that almost every gallery had a half naked woman displayed in some fashion or another. He was appalled at first, and then amused. He began pointing out the "art" to me and giggling as nine year old boys tend to do. My explanation of art fell on deaf ears. Oh well, he'll understand eventually...and still giggle as most men seem likely to do. :)

We made a lot of memories in our 2 and half days in New Orleans. I think it's about time I started adding some layers to the memories I've made there over the years. Time to pass on the love of that city to the next generation. I thought it might be more difficult. I did have some sad moments, as I passed places that reminded me of my times there with Daniel. But, the bulk of the trip was fun and happy. I'm so grateful that Grayson loved it as much as I did. Now it's on to the next trip....I wonder where we should go next? If Grayson has his way it will be somewhere with lots of roller coasters! Now that will be an adventure for sure!

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