Loved Still, Loved Always~

These days that stretch and wind and turn and curve

Nights that do the same

This life filled with unknowing and uncertainty

And grief and loss and wandering and wondering

Roads that stretch and wind and turn and curve

Thousands of miles since you died, my Love

Thousands of hours and minutes

Memories streaming past my window

Streaming through me and in me

Heart and mind and soul all involved

Oh yes, I miss you desperately

And life is forever changed

The missing-ness is ever present

But I remember the Love

I remember our Love

Our hearts and hands entwined

Our steps in sync

And even as my heart hurts

And my body aches with missing

I feel Love all around me as hands reach out to me

And I drive more and again

Embraced by so many out on the road

And though I miss you and even as I miss you

And love you still and always and ever, my Love

I am loved yet by so many

I know this would make you smile for me

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  • Barbara Pratt
    commented 2016-09-07 18:22:22 -0700
    You are loved by so many Alison. In my lonely life without Mike, I feel so unloved…loneliness without my one true love just makes it feel like being unloved. I just hate this feeling.