Love Note #1

My Love,


I miss you to the depths of me. 

When I say to the depths of me,

I mean I yearn for you,

With all that I am

-in my human form.  


And, then further. 


The aching for you lives,

Both, inside and outside of me.


I feel all the missingness,

Loosely, messily, precariously

Contained inside of me.  

Ricocheting off the corners of my mind.


But, the real missingness,

is bigger than the thoughts of you living inside my head.  


I miss you from within my heart. 

And, I am not talking about a heart drawn with red, waxy crayon.  

I am speaking of my Heart space.

The place,

Where my love for you lives.


I miss you from my being’s 

Heart space. 

Because, I love you with my Soul. 

And, now, I miss you with my Soul.


I hunger to be draped in you.  

I want to be dripping with the scent of you. 

I want your arms to pull me into you as your lips claim mine,

And, leave their mark on my shoulders and down the nape of my neck.

I yearn for the warmth of your touch,

Softly imprinted on my skin.

And, I will forever crave your hands on me.  

Gently, brushing the hair from my eyes,

As you whisper “you are SO Beautiful” into my ear.


I desire all that you are,

Until we are together 

-once again.


And, finally,


With time and purposeful grieving,

Just recently, this awful aching for you,

Feels weirdly okay. 


I know that this is the missingness for me.

This is how I’m meant to miss you.  



To the depth of me.

And, then beyond myself.

Into a place,

Where time and space 

do not exist.


Into this ethereal place,

All my missing goes,

And, gently loves on you.


As long as I have breath,

I will breathe you in.

And, I will exhale gratitude, 

for the love that is us.


All my Love, 



Rest assure, Love got us here. 
Love will get us through.

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