Long lost Pineapple Shorts

I’m laying in bed and I’m only 4 days away from heading to Hawaii. I post on Facebook about the trip. In the post I ask who am I going to see there?


Within moments of me posting, I hear something slide and fall in the bedroom closet. Roan (my dog) gets off the bed and goes to the closet, looks at me, walks in and out and walks over to me. He looks at me and than towards the closet and back to me. I have a sudden feeling about Clayton. I get up and look in the closet....

I see that Clayton’s yard stick that reads “Antiques and Beyond” has slid down the wall towards the shelves. That yard stick has been there for almost 2 years. I look up towards the shelves it is pointing towards and see something that I had entirely forgotten about....Clayton’s pineapple shorts! He had bought those shorts about 2 years ago and wore them to the aquarium on his last visit there to see his favorite penguin.

There is no explanation for me to post “who will I see in Hawaii “, his yard stick sliding for no reason after 2 years of nothing and leading me to find Tin’s pineapple shorts that I forgot I still had. I truly believe these are signs...

Tin is always with me and I feel that something incredible and amazingly positive is going to happen in Hawaii 😊🌴❤️🕺🌱

This is 2020 - My year of clarity!

I know I'm not the only one with these things happening. What signs have you seen????

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  • Susan McAlpine
    commented 2020-01-11 07:32:54 -0800
    As a science-based person when there were “signs” I always tried to find a logical explanation. But one has me beat. Rich loved cars and every couple of weeks he lovingly washed and detailed my car, inside and out. After he died, since he would no longer be looking after the mechanics, it seemed logical to trade it for a car with a warranty. Before taking it to the dealer, our son detailed it just as his Dad would have done. The next morning when I got in I noticed a shiny sheet metal screw in the plastic housing inside the car beside where the driver’s legs go. It wasn’t just perched there but properly screwed in. I needed a screwdriver to get it out and once out there was no visible damage. A brand new self tapping sheet metal screw, just like Rich used for mechanical projects. It was as though he was saying “explain this one!”. I can’t. But I keep the screw on my night table….
  • Janice Hart
    commented 2020-01-11 05:26:03 -0800
    My husband and I loved visiting casinos. On my first trip to a casino after his death, we arrived to the hotel and I found the room number to be 618. We were married 6/18. Once inside, I opened my suitcase to find a shiny new dime smack in the center on top of my clothes. Now, I had dragged that rolling suitcase through a parking garage, through the casino to the check in desk and then down a long hallway to my room – any dime inside the suitcase should have fallen to the bottom with all that movement, but there it was, on the top of my clothes where I was sure to find it. I put it in my pocket and kept it with me the entire time. I knew he was enjoying the casino right along with me.
  • Sarah Treanor
    commented 2020-01-05 08:17:37 -0800
    I love it, absolutely it is him!! One of the first really obvious signs I ever got from my fiance Drew was on my 30th birthday, just months after his death. His mom and I took the trip to the Grand Canyon that he and I had talked about for my birthday. The first few days we were in Sedona.

    On our first hike on our first day there, we were headed back down the trail to the car when a helicopter tour did a great big circle in the valley in front of us. (He was a pilot, and died in a yellow helicopter). It was, yup, yellow. It gets better.. we stopped to watch it and have a cry for a moment, then as we turned to continue on the trail, right in front of us on the stone wall beside the trail were a dozen or so little drawings some kids had scraped into the stone face. And right in the middle of them, the biggest thing there, was his name, ANDREW. We laughed and cried all at once, and knew for certain from that moment on, that he was with us!

    I hope you have an amazing trip to Hawaii, and that you see so many more beautiful signs of his love with you!!! Also – pineapples are the best!
  • Emma Pearson
    commented 2020-01-05 01:24:38 -0800
    please send photos of you in Tin’s pineapple shorts!