Linda Tevebaugh Keeling

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    Sarah… I so get this….I have struggled dealing with my late husband’s things of his memories from his past of which I was not a part of, as I have moved from my home of 25 years. He lived there 5 years before his death 4 years ago….
    Now I have remarried and moving…going thru his things of 25-30 years ago… Seeing things I have never seen while he was alive….pictures…souvenirs of trips… family…former loves….cards… letters… special clothes…. and on and on it goes….
    Trying to figure out what to do with his past..and do it with honor and respect ..while being so happy in my new life…. Yet missing what I had with my John….and blending this all together with the now… can be overwhelming….
    I’ve had to take my time … stop and breath….and listen to my heart as I do all of this.
    Your trip this time with visiting Drew’s past before you… Visiting your parents resting places… etc….all the while bringing forward your now into all of this….
    You are going through the same as me just via a different process… Thanks for sharing… Safe travel!!

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    Mike….this is so beautiful… Trying to grasp the past… the present and future… And putting it all together…is hard enough… Let alone putting it all into words… Thank You!

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    Kelley… You wrote what is so true and real… My month is May….
    And specifically my world as I knew it ended May 8, 2012.
    Just keep doing whatever you need to do.

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    Rebecca……I hear you….. I have been where you are…. Except I am now married to my man and just recently… And he is a widower … So we both get it!!!
    It is as you say… our 2 universes collide and how crazy is that!!!
    Yet it is amazing to be in this new life!!!
    Thanks for putting all this hard stuff into words.

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    Sarah…. I love reading yours and Mike’s posts… Though I am older than you both our stories are similar.
    Anyways, after 4 years widowed I remarried 7 weeks ago. I have moved into his home he and deceased wife lived in….I am emptying my house to rent….which is 35 mins away…..

    His dear Judi’s tastes are polar opposites of mine….we talked about this at length before getting married and he has been agreeable to changing things….yet all these thoughts etc as you have so wonderfully written about come into play and things are not just about her tastes vs mine…etc…it is hard not to get bogged down into it all.

    By the way we live close to Akron… In Wadsworth…. My new husband and I feel like our story is so similar to yours and Mike’s….
    I don’t know if we could ever meet in person over lunch or something but that would be great …
    Thanks for sharing and your talent in writing… both you and Mike…

    Linda (Tevebaugh) and Warner Keeling

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    Kelley… This makes so much sense… And more so after you have done such a great job putting it to words!
    Keep doing what you are doing… And follow your heart……

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    Sarah…I am also in a new relationship… You put into words what I was feeling yet could not explain it to anyone including myself… Your post has brought me much peace… Thank You….

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    Sarah….thank you for sharing this…I have been struggling with these same kind of emotions.
    I lost my John, May 2012…close to the time you lost Drew…
    Started dating a widower in July 2014… Got engaged this Halloween…. Probably will marry in 2016…I am very happy and love the new man with my all…while still missing my John with my all.
    The only words I could come up with regarding my mixed up emotions were “I am missing and mourning again the life I had and the future we were planning”…we had only been married just shy of 5 years and thought we had years ahead for US. It was a 2nd marriage for us… We were both in our 50s…. Coming out of a very difficult time in our lives for the both of us…and were starting over…and re-creating a new life.
    He made all the changes… Moved to my house…my town…into my life.
    With my new man I will more than likely make the most changes…though it is only to a different city less than an hour away …I am struggling with it all… My whole lifestyle will be different…I may retire sooner than planned ( I know that should be a good thing, right?) but is it the best for me and my future? He is older… he may die before me…if I move to his home what happens if he died…how will my retirement income look then? And my sons, though grown, have no children yet…where does that fit if I am further away? Since he was a teenager dad, his children are much older as I had my sons in my 30s….his youngest grandchild is 13.
    My new man is wonderful…he is the most patient, calm and compassionate man I know. We can talk thru anything,,,including stuff I am talking about here.

    Like you I have had a lot of loss in life… Both my parents by age 24…a sibling… and then my John ….
    I have worked hard being where I am raising my 2 sons as a single mom…always had 2 jobs most of the time…
    And with my new life with my new love… It is all so different yet so reassuring…all so uncertain yet calm and safe… And then the questions and possibly the over analyzing of things….
    Though I have all of this and you have all of yours, I feel confident it will all work out for both of us, as well as, for all the others like us.

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    Mike… I so get this…my husband passed away at CCF too… I can’t even listen to the TV commercials for the Clinic…..
    I practically lived at the CCF for 18 months and then some.
    The idea of being where you turned off made me have a gush of overwhelming feelings and memories…I know exactly where you were.
    Wow…. Your words offer so much hope… I am so glad Sarah was with you… Thanks for sharing.

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    Stephanie… I love this concept….I would like a figurine like your picture you put with this post to put in my John memory corner I have in my living room,,,a true picture of how my heart feels,,, thanks for this beautiful post,

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    Kelley….you wrote about something that is so hard to put in words… is all so true…my John is forever 56….this year he would have been 60…he was so looking forward to 60…it was a tough one this year….
    We can only do what we are doing… Remembering and grieving through these times like never birthdays.
    Thanks again.

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    Reading about all that you’re doing exhausts me! Don’t forget to take care of yourself and that means taking time for yourself.. Somewhere amongst everything that is going on.. Thanks for sharing what’s going on and your end of the world

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    Stephanie. …I am 3 years out..also in a new relationship. .all these bullet points are exactly what I have been thinking about. ..just could not put in words..thank you!

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    I cried after reading this. …it so touched my heart. ..thanks for writing this