Lisa Reed

  • commented on Words Like Cries 2015-08-10 18:22:22 -0700
    That gives me something to think about. That “writing about the week, day and hour of our loved one’s death.” There is so much there from that time period, and just maybe writing it all down will allow me to release some of those very difficult memories. I shall ponder this…and maybe begin writing it all down.

  • commented on Happy for You, In Pain for Me 2015-08-07 18:07:56 -0700
    All so very true. My husband died a year ago. My nephew got married in early June, in Colorado, where hubby and I both grew up and met. It was a beautiful day in the foothills, beautiful flowers on the grounds of the event site, beautiful bride and SO happy groom. And, I was doing so well. Then Dean Martin’s “That’s Amore” came over the sound system and I burst into tears. My husband used to sing it to me when we were dating, to our daughters as they were growing up, and even once to our granddaughter (he only got to spend a year with her). Triggers…we never know when they will hit or what they will be and we can’t be “prepared” for them. But I will be okay, eventually.

Was a wife for 40 years, care taker for 30+ years, mother of two adult children, neither of whom live anywhere near me. I'm alone in a city with only a niece and a nephew near. I miss my man, I miss my daughters and I am one year out from when he went h
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