"Listen- life is really going on, right
around us. Do you see it? Sometimes
I lose it,
but if I sit still and listen, it comes back,
and then I think, how funny, this is what
being alive is."
-Robin Morgan

I need to start this blog post with apologizing.

In the 5 years of being a Widow's Voice writer, I've recently been failing at my Saturday duties. Either in getting it up in time or remembering to get it up at all!

I am sorry and thank Michele for her patience, and y'all for yours!

In all honesty, like the quote above says, my life, without me even recognizing it, sat down to listen, and in doing so, has reminded me in so many new ways, what it is to be alive.

The last 5 weeks...6 months...heck....2 hours...have had me more alive then I've been since I can say when and I've allowed it to swallow me whole!

It is frightening and foreign and fantastic!

7 years later, I realized that I wasn't listening with both ears to all that life and the universe have awaiting me, and so, with this recognition, I put the other headphone on and find myself with no choice but to dance like the wild woman I am.

That is all... but I must conclude with asking you to see if you can hear it.....really hear it....if not, don't worry, you will soon, and if not all at once, listen for a faint sound of life that gives you hope to know one day, if your ready, you'll have front row tickets to the concert of a lifetime (flashing optional).

Rock on!

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