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    Join our Las Vegas Soaring Spirits group if you live in Southern Nevada or even if you're just visiting Las Vegas!  RSVP here if you'd like more information.

    We meet each month on these days/locations:

    • The 1st Sunday at 1pm at Jason's Deli, 1281 W. Warm Springs, Henderson
    • The last Wednesday at 11am at Divine Cafe at the Springs Preserve, 333 S. Valley View, Las Vegas


    December 31, 2019 at 6pm
    Las Vegas, NV
    United States
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  • commented on One More Phone Call 2019-09-14 12:36:56 -0700
    This happened to me just this morning. Yesterday was my granddaughter’s 15th birthday. Gus and I raised her since she was 8 months old. He should have been here for her birthday. He should be here to help me celebrate, to see her have fun with her friends, to be there the next morning to cook breakfast for five 15 year olds. But he wasn’t. I just wanted to talk to him, to share with him this experience. Now all I’m feeling is I’m doing this alone, and the emptiness just hit. 2.5 years he has been missing from our lives – today seems like an eternity. I know he is still with us, but today I needed him to be here physically…..:(

  • commented on Baggage 2019-05-19 09:10:17 -0700
    Staci – I’m also at that 2.5 years and unsure which direction to go. I want to move on but am unsure how to do that because I’m still wanting what is gone. The future we had planned together. 40 years of planning, and that is now gone. 40 years of having a partner/soul mate to help with those decisions. What direction to now go? As with you, the heaviness of grief in the first two years is gone. I want to be in my seat buckled up waiting for take off, But uncertainty has not cleared. Thank you for sharing it has given me some hope…..

  • commented on A Life Unfinished ... 2019-02-12 20:32:40 -0800
    I am still in the unfinished life. Wondering and dreaming of what should or could have been. Not sure when, but hopefully will one day be in the more peaceful dreams to live with :(. Thank you for sharing and giving me something to reach for…..

  • commented on This is Getting Old 2019-01-22 20:11:43 -0800
    This is so what I’m going through right now. Tears streamed down my face as I read this…This is my life right now. 40 years of a wonderful life and marriage with my loving husband. Traveling, laughing, raising our daughter all together. Now nothing but emptiness and not knowing how to move ahead. Next month will be 2 years without him physically by my side. I’m having difficulty in accepting the “permanence of his deadness and reconstructing a life of my own.” Not sure how to go about it or even if I want to :(

  • commented on Maybe this will Help - What I know about Grief and Support 2018-11-08 06:39:40 -0800
    Thank you for this message Staci. My husband left this earth 1 yr and 8 mos ago and I miss him every day. Those who were our friends have somehow disappeared over the months, and it leaves me with a sadness of what we had. I have not yet been able to let go of the past and what we were planning for our future. But your message has brought some understanding to those of us who are living this new life that we would rather not have. Somehow we’ll all make a new beginning…….

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