12_3_11.jpgIt starts with words. Then numbers.

Your shoe laces.






The things we learn in the earliest of ages can sometimes make us nostalgic. To have no worries but to learn what 1 + 2 equals. To clean your room. To use stick shift.

Then life happens and adds dimension and layers you could have never imagined. The warm, tingly feelings in the arms of someone you love. The heartache in battling your insecurities. This urge to surpass your limits to see just how far they'll go.

Learning becomes intense. It becomes unbearable at times. It becomes an addiction that you can't quite ever kick....no matter how much it screws you up at moments...long moments.

You learn that there is someone out there that loves you unconditionally. You learn what it feels like to be unstoppable.

You learn what it is to dream...to plan.

You learn what it feels like to have it all taken away.

You learn about loss in the most tragic of examples. From a teacher you cannot argue with.

You learn what it is like to want to give up.

You learn what it feels like to want to die.

You learn what it feels like for time to pass...slowly...too slow.

Then you learn what it is to survive.

What it is to really wake up.

You learn that you were wrong.

You learn that their love never left you.

You learn that you are strong.

You learn to live....again.

You learn.

And you learn.

And you go from loathing life to embracing it once more.

And you are unstoppable.

And you learn.

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