Lynn Keyser

  • commented on What Would you do, do you Think? 2016-02-24 21:21:43 -0800
    I have not seen the movie. I did start to watch the movie Chances Are about a husband who dies and comes back as a younger man & meets his wife/widow. I couldn’t handle it and stopped watching. I have been a widow for 19 months, I am afraid that the shock of seeing my husbands “twin” would send me into a fall that I would probably not recover from. He might look like him but no one has my husband’s personality or passion. Despite the looks, I would know in my heart that it was not my Richie…like they say “you can’t go back”💔

  • commented on Trying not to Grinch the Holidays~ 2015-12-23 17:59:00 -0800
    Sending you love & hugs. This is a struggle none of us could prepare for and it will continue despite our best attempts to “move on”

  • commented on Fragments and Words~ 2015-08-06 20:30:22 -0700
    I lost my husband 5/29/14. I hate to say this but I still feel an agonizing amount of grief! In the beginning, I tried to “hide” from the grief, from the realization that my Richie is gone. Now the grief is numbing, the crying from deep inside my heart. I’ve been told it does get better…not real sure when that happens…maybe never for some of us. You are not alone in your journey.