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    Motherless Day

    My mother, daughter, and girlfriend have all lost their own mothers at a young age, all to different illnesses.  Each of their moms had to stare their own mortality square in the eye, and hope for the best for their daughters.  They did everything they could to love and protect their little ones in the time they had, but ultimately, they had no choice but to leave them to grow up without their biological mother.    

    Tuberculosis, Cancer, and Cystic Fibrosis.  Those are the diseases that took my mom, Sarah, and Shelby’s mothers, each before their daughters were even ten years old.  Though each is of a different generation and time in their life, they have all needed to learn how to become a mother after losing their own biological mother.  They each picked up surrogate mothers along the way.  Friends of the family, adoptive parents, neighbors, teachers, and other relatives were all able to form part of the village it takes.  

    But none had their biological mothers.  I can’t begin to fathom that.  

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    Mike ~

    I can’t remember how I found this blog, but have been reading for over seven years. I’m grateful because six years ago our daughter Aviana was in a terrible accident. She was left severely brain injured – unable to walk, talk, eat by mouth or barely move. She passed away October 26, 2013.

    I read everyday, but have never commented. Today you moved me to absolute tears. From the moment I read about you and Sarah, I was beyond happy for you both. With my whole heart I join you in knowing both Megan and Drew are watching over just as I feel our daughter watches over us.

    While we can’t and never will have our loved ones back, as you know, we must grab the life we have, and take every blessing along the way.

    My love to you both,