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  • commented on Happy Birthday to Me 2019-12-02 03:09:17 -0800
    i am so glad this was a better birthday for you staci happy birthday by the way ! my birthday is coming up early january it will be another ‘first’ i am so thankful that i have found soaring spirits reading the blogs /posts has been great i know that what i often feel is normal i have learnt so much about this widow journey that none of us want to on . thank you julie

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    Indie I just read your post/reaction and my heart goes out to you. I am 72 newly widowed 6 weeks ago. Roger was the love of my life it was 3rd time lucky for both of us, we had been together only 10years and married in march this year and like you at the moment ‘there will never be another’ and i am missing him dreadfully. I too cannot see a future without him . I am still working as a social worker this is my 2nd week back people at work are very supportive but they don’t get this ‘widow journey’ . i can so relate to being tired and the world feels sad and grey and when i read soaring widow posts and reactions it scares me and i wonder what i will be like as i progress down this unwanted journey. I wish i could give you a hug and say it will be alright but all our journeys are different . your last line affected me deeply but i respect your right to feel the way you do. sending you love
    julie (australia)

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    kelley since my husband died on 10/10/19 i have found so much support and comfort from reading the ‘blogs’ and realizing that the thoughts and feelings that i am having as a ‘newly widowed’ person are normal eg the thought that i might want to die to and be with him, asking the question ‘where is he’ and that losing a partner is different and for me much worse than losing my parents 20 years ago (who i loved dearly by the way) . I think it has to do with having such a intimate relationship with your partner. Roger was the love of my life it was ‘3rd time lucky’ for both of us we had been together 10 years and were married in march this year – i miss him dreadfully but i am encouraged that this raw pain will get ‘better’ with time. we do not have thanksgiving here in australia but i will not be looking forward to my first christmas without roger and all of the other ‘firsts’ next year.
    again thank you i am so glad i found soaring spirits


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    dear Mari
    thank you for sharing your post . 6 weeks ago Roger my husband died suddenly. roger was the love of my life and as far as marriage goes it was ‘3rd time lucky’ for both of us . we were together for 10 wonderful years we were destined for each other. Yesterday I was in a dark place wishing i could be with him and like you not fearing death but actually wanting it to happen. The thing is i am a medical social worker so i know or i think i knew all of the grief ‘stuff’ i even share an office with palliative care social worker ! I also know about suicide so its scary that I was having these thoughts . You don’t know how comforting it was to know that others feel the same way . Anyway I am feeling ok today
    thank again for sharing your post and thank you soaring spirits for your support and love
    julie (Australia)

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    dear Sarah
    as a ‘newly widowed person’( i am getting a bit over writing that by the way) its been 6 weeks since Roger died suddenly i am getting so much solace ( is that the right word) from reading the blogs etc from ‘soaring spirits’ so thank you widowed people for being there i need to read your stories as i travel this new at times frightening journey.

    julie (australia)

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    as a ‘newly widowed person – its 6 weeks since my husband roger died suddenly i want to thank you and ’soaring spirits’ for all of your stories/ posts it gives me hope that i will survive all of ‘’this’ and that i am not going crazy when i say ’ where is he i dont know where he is’ and it makes me so sad. i want to know and understand the ‘next place’ do others who have lost their life partner ask this question ?

    julie (Australia)

  • commented on Defiantly Defined 2019-11-19 12:09:37 -0800
    thank you Bryan for making me smile . my husband roger, the love of my life died suddenly 5 weeks ago . Roger was a linguist and loved words. he was my walking dictionary and would have loved reading your post.
    this ‘widow’ thing is a the most difficult journey i have ever been on.

    julie ( from australia)

  • commented on My Grief as a Widow 2019-11-16 21:40:09 -0800
    hi mari my husband the love of my life as i was his, died suddenly of a cardiac arrest 5 weeks ago and everything that you write about is how i am feeling at the moment i went back to work ( i am a medical social worker) last week while i am at work i cope but its when i return home to the silence that is the hardest to bear. I still cannot believe that i will never see,feel or talk with him again.
    thank you for putting into words and for making me feel that what i am feeling is ‘normal’
    this is a journey i do not want to be on.

    take care and sending love

  • commented on What Now?... 2019-11-09 00:51:28 -0800
    Alison you have put into words how i am feeling at this very moment. Its scary as I am only 4 weeks into being a widow. the love of my life died suddenly on the 10/10/19 and you are several years down the track I am sensing that this hollow incredibly sad and lonely feeling is not going to subside no matter what we do to distract us from feeling I cannot believe that I will never see or hear his voice or feel his arms around me ever again. We loved each other so much and even tho I have a loving supportive family and friends around me they cannot stop the pain or understand . Both my parents have died but this feels so much worse and different . i am so glad I have found the soaring spirits community it gives me hope that I will survive . Julie ( from Australia)

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