It's June


That means my anniversary run…

The 4th marks 4 years since our wedding day.

The 11th marks 6 years since we met

The 14th marks 3 years since Ian died.

Come the 18th, he’ll have been gone loner than I knew him.

I was talking to some people at church this week, and found I can easily rattle off how long it’s been since Ian died, but I really struggle to remember how long we’d have been married for this anniversary.

Which shouldn’t be hard. 

We married 4 months after John was born.  He turned 4 this year.

We were married a year before Ian died… and since we were married only a year (375 days to be exact), I just need to add ‘1’… 3 + 1 = 4.

But it’s just not sitting there as an easily recalled number. 

I’ve been quite short and irritable the last couple of days. I know it’s going to be due to a mix of anniversaries, end of semester study stress and the fact I’m entering the third trimester, and last 11 weeks, of this pregnancy and am already sleep deprived and rather uncomfortable. 

My other trigger times didn’t impact too much this year and I’m not feeling too rattled or out of sorts as yet, but there’s still a couple of weeks to go.

At least I have distractions -  I have my gestational diabetes test on the 4th, and I’m really hoping it’s negative, otherwise I won’t have the option of spending the other dates communing with tubs of ice cream if I so choose.

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  • Lisa Richardson
    commented 2015-06-02 22:31:54 -0700
    This is such a strange phenomenon isn’t it. The 14th is our anniversary. The 11th is our son’s birthday. He was born just 3 days before our first anniversary. I tell people his age all the time. I also easily rattle off the fact my husband has been gone 4 years. But I have to really think about how many years we would have been married. And yet on that anniversary all I can remember are all the wonderful things we shared. So poignant a day and yet it still belongs to just us. I’m so glad I have that day with him and always will.

    My hope for you is wonderful memories on your anniversary, a healthy 11weeks, and fabulous ice cream!