It Holds On

5_14_11.jpgI've been getting everything ready for our upcoming AWP event these past two weeks.

One of the neatest components to the time is the golf tournament. I synonymous with anything too exciting, but at each hole is a sign. A sign that bears words from a fallen hero's wife. Words on his life, his character, his soul....even his favorite beer!

I've been preparing them the past three years, and never not smile with pride to know that I know these men through their widows.

I wrote the content of Michael's sign three years ago, never changing it. Mostly due to lack of time, but when submitting them to get printed, I took a moment to look at it once more.

The content was perfect and defined him perfectly and I ended it with a latin quote. A quote that over the years I forgot translation of (widow brain).

So yesterday afternoon, I searched for its meaning. The results couldn't be anymore perfect, and was something I needed to read again, as the days shave off closer and closer to the day Michael was killed (plus, it reminded me of how much I wanted to get it tattooed!).

Quos amor verus tenuit, tenebit.

True love will hold on to those whom it has held.

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