If all things that are impossible

Became impossibly real,

And the unimaginable

Became impossibly imaginable,

And what is impossibly, unimaginably, inconceivable,

Became entirely plausible.

In a world where my fiercest and most impassioned pleas,

Ringing forth from the depths of my shattered heart…

Could be heard pulsating through the days and nights of the almighty Universe,

And the gods of the Romans and Greeks and all gods through Time

Were to hear my cries,

Bouncing off the stars and the moon and the sun…

Especially…most especially Aphrodite and Pothos and Eros…

And Mars, that fierce god of war, who understands passion and ferocity,

If these gods, dancing among the stars,

Were to hear my fervent keening,

And, in response, radiate their powers into one lone energy that would shape all that is impossible,

Into the possible,

With a nod to the mighty Thor for use of his valiant hammer…

They would, on the winged feet of Mercury…

Convey you, my dearest Love, my beloved, my husband,

To my side once again.

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  • indie
    commented 2018-09-06 17:57:28 -0700
    So five years and 8 months have gone by and it is getting harder and harder to live without his embrace. I am getting better in some ways and much worse in many others. I cannot continue like this. I just miss him too much.