I Knew When....


I knew when I decided to love you


fully, with all of my cells


that I was risking everything.


I knew you were human


and that you might die


younger than either of us wanted.


Despite this,


I still chose to love all of you


with all of me.


Because you deserved that


and because I did too.


And though you did die -


younger than either of us wanted -


to stand in the pain of your death


and continue to love you fully,




with unwavering dedication,


has transformed me.


For I know now,


that to have given every breath of myself


to love the all of you


is the most beautifully brave thing


I have ever done in my lifetime.


It is the single greatest achievement


of my life.


I have learned


that this is what true love is -


to choose the possibility of pain


for the privilege to be love.


It is to risk everything


- everything -


inside ourselves.


It is to meet our greatest fears


and decide that it's still worth it,


so that we may come to realize


that we are capable of giving


the kind of love


that changes lives


and moves mountains.


In this way,


true, deep, complete love is not easy.


It is simple, but not an easy choice.


Which is why


whenever I see such love in the world


It leaves me in awe.


Never a more beautiful thing


have I seen


than the immense bravery


of any single human being


that chooses to LOVE.


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