I Honk For Love

I love LOVE.

I love how it makes a person feel. I love the glow that quietly shows itself in the scrunch of your eyes or smile on one's mouth. I love the feeling of invincibility that it instills in those who are in its grasp. And more than anything, I love when it is 100 percent, Grade A, TRUE LOVE. The kind that has no doubts or questions, the kind that makes you believe in all that life truly is and has to offer.

After Michael made his early exit, there were times I looked at those whose spouses were still alive and wonder, "Why them and not me?"  "What made them deserve this and not us?"  Luckily this bitterness was quite temporary.

My grief had blinded me from all the beauty and moments of rare love that are cemented in eternity that we shared.

When Michael was still alive, strangers would approach us and remark on how in love we looked or how they hoped to find what we shared. Those are moments I will never forget, moments in which somehow our love passed the plains of our own hearts to be seen or felt by others....a love with no bounds.

I still share that love with him, now more then ever, but unluckily we live in a society of vision...a society that seeks visual truth. Not all society knows that a love as deep as ours and a love that proves that it is stronger than death can be seen. But that will not deter me from going up to strangers and letting them know that they make a beautiful couple, or honk when a car reads "Honk, we just got married!"

I celebrate the love and happiness of those whose loves are still here. I celebrate it for those who celebrated the love Michael and I shared when he was still here. I celebrate it for the love I still have with him. I celebrate it as others realize that not all love can be seen with the naked eye. And most of all...I celebrate for the reason that it reinforces, even more, the strength and endurance of the love I have been blessed enough to receive.

"And now here is my secret, a very simple secret; it is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye."

~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery

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