i didn't think about it

i thought about 

it from time to time, 

but i wasn’t sure i’d

ever come across

it again. 

i had a vague sense

of where it was, 

but it’s not like i

i really end up

near this place all

that often.

so the memory could 

have remained just that. 

i’ve gone much further

to find the places

i’ve wanted

to rediscover, and this 

one is so close

that it could have

happened much sooner

so today,

it did.

not meant to be, 

it just was.

as it all is

these days.

sitting here, 

i thought that

where we were 

wasn’t where i thought

any of us would be

just four

years earlier,

but who really can

predict anything?

believe me when

i say 

i’m glad that

i can’t.


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