I Am Thankful

This weekend I am at another AWP event. We have military widows from all different creeds and backgrounds, all celebrating, smiling and living life to the fullest. As I sit in their presence, I am in awe and honored to be in their presence.

In each of them I celebrate their own individual journey, as it reinforces my own. I never envisioned my life being this way at the age of 23, but I could have never asked for more amazing widows in arms to be along this with.

This weekend we are staying in a cabin in the woods, horseback riding, cooking, and relaxing at the spa. But more than that, we are learning how to live and love life again. The instant camaraderie that comes with being a widow is one I know will never ever be taken for granted, as it has been a key to my path in widowhood.

Thank you widows.....Thank you.

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