How Can I Ensure That December ....

12_14_11.jpeg.... is a month to remember?

Truth be told, it wasn't all that difficult.
All I did was agree to have surgery today.

And then, to make it even MORE memorable .... I agreed to have my middle son's wisdom teeth extracted.

Yes, as in .... today, the 14th of December ..... both procedures.
I guess that's one way to ring in the "death day" of my husband (which really isn't until Sunday, the 18th).

No, this might not be the smartest move, but it's all about timing.
I need to have sinus surgery.
I've spent way too many years not being able to breathe properly.
My deductible has been met.
The year is almost over and the adding up of the deductible will begin again.

My son's wisdom teeth have started to cause him problems.
He leaves for the Marines in less than 4 weeks.
We have time for him to have this done and heal before he leaves.

It's all in the timing.
And mostly ..... the timing of anything in December pretty much stinks.
The fact that both of these procedures were scheduled on the same day is just .... what it is.
We didn't plan it.
I'd rather not be out cold, having surgery while my son is also out cold.

But .... it is what it is.
I cannot be in two places at once.
I cannot be two parents.
I cannot be where I want to be.
And that stinks.

So one of my daughters will be with my son.
And some one who loves me very much will be with me.
No, it's not the same.

But life isn't always about being the same.
Or getting what we want.
Or good timing.

But it can be about making the most out of what we do get.
So I'm thankful that one of my daughters was able to come home and play "nurse".
And I'm thankful that I have someone in my life who cares enough to deal with me and the aftermath of a broken and re-formed septum.  Ugh.

My life has not gone the way I had planned .... the way I had hoped.
But I am learning to readjust my ideas of timing.
Some days I'm a very slow learner.
Some days I do more kicking and screaming than learning.

But I hope those days are becoming fewer.
Because, for better or worse, this is my life.
And is spite of what I planned .... I have been blessed.
I am blessed.

And the next time I write to you .... I'll have the four year mark behind me.
And hopefully, I'll be breathing easier.
In more ways than one.

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