Home is where the heart is

It’s taken me months and months to bring up the courage to go to dinner with a friend. Sounds crazy but she was Clayton’s favorite coworker and he is all we have in common. I knew it hit her hard when he passed and I knew she would want to talk about it. I guess that is just another layer of widowhood that others don’t understand – We want to see you but the memories you trigger are to strong for us to handle right now.


I finally said yes and we went to a local restaurant. It was wonderful to see her! We caught up and laughed, we talked about Tin and how much we missed him. It was scary at first but I realize hearing her remember him was a gift. It’s so easy to think that, for others, out of sight is out of mind…


The evening was wonderful and we talked about many different things. My career and second job (which I need to cover my widowed bills) are both very successful. She asked if I was planning to move home near my family but, overall, things are good here so I’m staying. It wasn’t the memories of Tin that crushed me. It wasn’t being at a restaurant that he and I went to often. It was a question that I never thought of and certainly didn’t expect the impact when asked.


“Wow! You are doing so well you should move and buy a place!”


The moths of mourning fluttered in my stomach and up in my throat. Move? Buy my own place? Leave our home? I hadn’t thought of any of those ideas. I felt sick but I kept it together until we went our separate ways. I cried heading home and when I got home I looked around for any changes. It took me a bit to settle and when I did I asked myself why that idea of moving was so hard. Here is my answer…


Tin designed the layout of our apartment. Tin surprised me by painting the rooms when I was at work. Tin hung all the photos himself. If I take it down he won’t be here to help me put it back up. He put so much of his heart into our home. If I move than I lose more of Tin…..

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  • Laren Tolbert
    commented 2019-01-27 13:04:25 -0800
    I’m trying to decide whether to move myself. This is Barbara’s House. If I move, it will be my house and it won’t have her touches. Everywhere I look she is here. I hate to give that up, although it’s too big for me.
  • Lisa Richardson
    commented 2019-01-27 00:15:41 -0800
    All things have their own time – after 7 years it was finally time to take off my wedding ring. And I still feel like I lost a bit more of him…..