Hi there Sassy! Spicy here.... :)

03_16_09.JPGThanks for the wonderful introduction Tacalla! For those of you unfamiliar with the term, tacalla is a word which means two things that share the same name. We Michel(l)es have happily embraced the word and made it our own.

I'm looking forward to sharing this blog with Michele, as we have shared so many other paths on this widow's journey. It has been an amazing gift to have a friend who has so many of the same life experiences and also the same irreverent way of looking things. I can say, three years after we met, we now share many more laughs than we do tears, and that is a wonderful thing.

(Michele, this week is our third anniversary!!! Hard to believe really, and even better, you're coming to Texas. How fantastic is that?) Happy Monday to you all, and I look forward to sharing some new paths with you too.

Michelle (aka Spicy and Tacalla)

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