Happy 4th of July!

07_04_09.jpgToday marks another holiday that truly puts into perspective just all that our husbands fought, loved and died for.

I will not lie....Veteran's Day, Memorial Day and 4th of July used to be holidays that seemed to melt together. Besides separate months, fireworks and parades, I truly never felt to full capacity what each really stood for and meant to me.

With Michael getting killed in the US Army, as a veteran of a wa, I now feel, live and know just what each one of those holidays mean to so many of us who have been directly affected by the sacrifice that makes these days what they truly are.

Fourth of July is a holiday that celebrates the country and independence we all have, but also the lives lived by those who love and loved it so much that they laid and lay their lives on the line to secure it for all of us.

Tomorrow I will celebrate in my own way some of the freedoms Michael so loved, as I know that they were a key component to him doing and having the job he had. I thank him and so many others for teaching me through their actions what the epitome of these holidays are.

Happy 4th of July!

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