Gary Sturgis

  • commented on Not Dating Contemplation~ 2017-05-03 17:47:12 -0700
    I met my second husband a year after my first died. He was also a widower 1 year out. We met because of our losses and went through all the horrible and painful aspects of our grief together.
    I’m time we fell in love. My first husband was my soulmate. I know that for sure. But my current husband is also my soulmate so I have learned there can be more than one.
    If we have 2 children do we love one more than the other? If we have two soulmates do we love one more than the other? The answer is no. Love has no bounds and no limitations.
    I never expected love to happen again but I’m so grateful and thankful for my second chapter.

  • commented on Home Is Where The Heart Is 2016-08-14 09:09:24 -0700
    As a facilitator of grief support groups I always tell my groups to keep any or all items until they no longer serve them. Most of us will know the day this happens. Our heart will let us know.
    It may happen today or it may never happen and that’s ok.
    If the items serve us and bring comfort then holding onto them is a very personal choice. I still have my husband’s sneakers in my closet. I can’t bring myself to throw them away. In my mind as long as they remain there he is still walking with me. Maybe the day will come I don’t need them there but for now they continue to serve their purpose. They bring me comfort that only I can understand.
    There is no set timeframe on when we need to discard the items that continue to serve us.

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    Although I never imagined it I found another “someone” after my husband died at 52. There is more love and hope on your journey. I found that out after I walked through the darkness. Have faith and it will happen. There are more chapters in the book of life.