Gabe Easter

Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum

I sat somberly in an empty hotel room, swirling the rum around the cheap glass, sipping occasionally, all while gazing out onto a view I wasn’t deserving of.


Today is only the beginning to a great many things still left for life to lend me. To me, it’s a step squarely somewhere I never pictured myself even a year ago.


It’s interesting how you can feel so fulfilled and so empty all at once.


I stood alone in a crowded room last night. I’ve convinced myself that the only person who truly knows me is me. Perhaps it’s best that way. For now, at least.


One day, I will cease trying to restrain who I am. One day, I won’t be so coy.


What others see is what we want them to, especially in this age. I am no different in that regard. I’m not trying to intentionally safeguard anything. There is nothing to safeguard that hasn’t already been left in ruin.


Perhaps I just don’t want them to see the damages that lay beneath. The destruction of things once riddled with potential. The outcome of potential squandered. The image of dreams dashed upon the shallow craggy waters of security and convenience.


Who knows what lies in wait for us with baited breath on the other side of our decisions?


There is truly only one way to know.


Make them.

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