Gabe Easter


I’ve never been so detached as I am currently.


Since Linzi’s left, the landscape of the dating world and my approach to it has endured a complete facelift.


I’m not sure quite yet if that’s a good or bad thing.


Right now, I’m only thinking of myself.


Casual sex has never been a concept to me. It is now.


I’ve always been the monogamous hopeless romantic who pursued a woman with the entirety of my soul and being, upholding the utmost of chivalry and gentlemanly mannerisms.


That version of me is missing. I’m not sure if I miss it...although it concerns if it should never return again.


Where is the me of yesteryear? Did he die with Linzi? Perhaps.


A new man has come forth, an odd mixture of the husband Linzi knew and an unrecognizable concoction of a man she never knew.


Whether or not the outcome of his actions will prove to be for better or for worse...only time will tell.

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A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

I’ve never kept many friends. My circle has changed from year to year. It changed drastically after Linzi passed away. In that regard, I’ve always considered myself a lone wolf.


The main reason being that more often than not they end up letting me down, not coming through on promises, or it could be that I’ve done the same and redemption was never had and issues were left unreconciled. Fill in the blank.


I’ve always been of the mentality that if you want something done best, done right, and done in accordance to your vision and ideals, you should do it yourself.


No matter the outcome of a situation or the fallout that ensues, it’s important that you always remember one thing: the only person who will ever truly know your intentions and values is you.


Others can only speculate. Others can assume the worst.


Let them.


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