Someday...we'll be together in a new and better way.Love never dies.

...Because I believe with all my heart and soul that grief and supporting one another through sorrowful times are a basic human need. For just as water and food sustains our physical body so too, do we need compassion,kindness and love for our emotional needs or we wither and die.

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    Hi Kelly Lynn
    I am not sure if my message will post as I have just newly joined. However in anticipation of you reading this, thank you so much for your words, like water in the desert for me. I lost my life partner and soul mate July 2/2017. I goggled grief and here I am. Your blog is the first story I have read (so far)…….Christmas I am thinking is not such a big deal, other celebrations will be I know. This grief thing is like being on a roller coaster, sometimes its tolerable and known triggers under control ,other times I swear the wheels ( or cable) is coming off and Ive hit the wall….or a water balloon that is filling up an up and up…then splat!…meltdown time.
    I cry ,I smile, I dont sleep enough, I do what other people think is ’’normal", I eat too much, I dont eat enough, I am angry, I miss him, I am accepting, I am tearful, my bones ache, I bought lipstick, I bought too much online, I just clicked. Last month I didnt care much, this month I do……

    Thank you Kelly Lyn!……for putting words to my thoughts.

    Its ok…..

    I wish you every happiness and joy for your future wherever you are. Love and light to your family.

My life partenar left me 2nd of July 2017, he didnt want to go,but how could he stay with such a hostile aggressive disease on board. I am glad my lover found freedom ,but Im a mad he didnt take me with him.
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