Finding Balance.....

01_20_10.jpeg..... seems to be life-long process, doesn't it?

We try to find balance between school work and fun, then between marriage and work, then between marriage and work and children.

For the past two years I've struggled to find balance between grieving and living.

And now my heart is trying to find a new balance .... between a wonderful current relationship and the wonderful one I used to have.

It should be a no-brainer, right? I mean, one man is here .... one is not.

But my heart sometimes finds this easier said than done.


Thankfully, my heart is learning the new balance easier than I imagined it would.

I think it helps that I do not compare these two men. There's no use in that and they are two very different people.

It also helps that I am surrounded by supportive people who want only the best for me.

But I think that the most important factor in finding this balance .... is Jim.

He loved me far more than I could hope or imagine.

He taught me how to love and to love well.

He will always be in my heart ..... always.

Even as I find a new balance.

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