Feeling Safe ....

08_11_10.jpg.... is exactly how I felt this past weekend.

(Yes, this is another post about Camp Widow .... but I don't think we can help it.)


I felt wonderfully safe and secure there. Among people that I already knew .... and among people that I had just met (which means that I have more Facebook friends!!).

There are no strangers among widowed people.

Only people who recognize what you are going through and what a hellish path this is. Mostly.

People who will hold your hand to help you up .... or down .... the mountain of grief.

I think that Camp Widow is the one place in the world where I can truly be myself and say exactly what I want to say without feeling that I need to "filter" my thoughts.

Everyone "gets it".

Everyone can laugh at some of those "dead spouse" comments that we sometimes make. If you make one of those comments on the "outside" .... people tend to look down at their feet awkwardly .... and very, very silently.

It was really special to meet so many of the bloggers whose posts I follow.

All of us who blog about our journeys understand the pros and cons that come with baring our souls to the world.

All of us hunger to connect with other widowed people.

All of us hope to give at least one person a little bit of hope ... and to know that he/she is not alone.

All of us hope that we can let you know that you are NOT crazy.

Just widowed.

And most of us seem to have a wicked sense of humor .... that each of us cherish.

For those of you who couldn't attend, I strongly encourage you to seek out other younger widows/widowers.

You'd be surprised how easy it is .... and how instantly you become friends.

I formed a group just through word of mouth.

I let all of my friends know that I needed, desperately, to be with other young widows.

And they told their friends, who told their friends .... and so on and so on.

Before long I started getting names, and phone calls ..... and e-mails.

Please find someone .... even if it's just one person.

Even if it's only on Facebook or a blog.

And hopefully you'll be able to know what "feeling safe" is like.

And .... then all of you can plan to come to Camp Widow next year.

I'd love to meet you.



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