Feeling Numb

I can tell you as I am sitting here in my living room writing this blog, I am feeling numb. In the past two months, they found an irregular function with my heart, my house got hit by a tornado, and thankfully only knocked down a wall in my backyard. I had to get my roof redone and as they were putting in the new roof, a bunch of water poured all over my furniture and Christmas decor. I rushed back and forth trying to get buckets to collect all the water that was coming down, all while trying to take care of my sick two-year-old daughter. 

All I can say, is that I wish you were here.


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  • indie
    commented 2019-12-21 08:19:33 -0800
    Numb……….my own familiar place of retreating when it is all too much, which seems to be always.