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03_17_09.JPGThis image illustrates for me what widows do for each other. We pull each other up, brace each other from falling over the edge of despair, and we create a life line of hope for every other widow with whom we share a heart. Right now who comes to mind for you?

Today's exciting news is that this blog will be welcoming five other widows to join us as story tellers, cheerleaders, reality checkers...and life lines of hope. We are each going to take one day a week and share our lives as widows with you. I am thrilled about this change as I know that fresh views, different perspectives, and additional voices add to the depth and character of this blog effort. But I think I am most enthusiastic about the opportunity to introduce you to some pretty amazing women. Women just like you and me who walk the widow walk every day.

Over the next few weeks you will be introduced to all of them, and they will tell you a little bit about their journey so far. Once everyone is on-board we will settle into a pattern of a new post by a different writer each day of the week. Awesome, inspiring, and I am jumping for joy...almost literally.

For those who wonder about the fate of my 50 Questions project...not to worry I will keep answering those questions and always title them Question Number ??

So check in daily, you will be glad you did!


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