Becky Crossley

  • commented on Parallel Lives 2017-08-28 17:55:41 -0700
    First I am truly happy that you have opened yourself up to new love.
    Your entry really reflects what it’s like for those of us who are walking this new part of our lives after the loss of our beloved husbands. My late Ronnie is a part of my everyday and not forgotten one bit, however; like you stated, the heart has expanded to allow another love to enter and grow.

  • commented on Writers Block 2016-02-02 08:58:39 -0800
    Mike – Thank you, this is perfect – We allow ourselves to grief, so why shouldn’t we embrace our happy days. I was in such deep sadness and grief when we lost our son and there wasn’t much anyone could do to help me, then came the sudden lost of my husband 2 years later. It’s been 5 1/2 years since I lost my husband and I’m just learning to find a sense of happiness in my life again. I know my son and husband would rather I be happy and honestly so do I.