Different Camp, Different Me

*Normally I write on Fridays, and although this post will appear here on Friday, I am writing it Wednesday evening, and setting it to publish Friday. This way I dont have to worry about finding a computer to post the blog while at the Marriott and busy with other things. 



Headed to Camp Widow / Tampa tomorrow - returning Tuesday morning. (hopefully the stupid snow wont delay us) Honored to be giving my comedic presentation to a new set of widowed people, who very much need to feel that laughter will still be a thing in their lives. It makes me so happy to be the one who is able to provide laughter and hope, to this community. Widowed people laughing - my very favorite sound.

Also excited to reunite with friends Ive met along this grief tsunami, and meet lots of new ones, who now belong to the club nobody wants to join. Apparently this will be the largest attendance in Tampa camp so far. More people are finding us. Thats a good thing.

Each time I go to Florida, I also bring "a bit of Don" to his favorite Clearwater Beach - which I will be doing this weekend. I only get there once a year, so its special. I will keep sprinkling a bit of Don there, under the Pier, until I run out of Don to sprinkle. They really did give me quite a bit of Don, back when I got my "Don in a box" from the funeral home. 6 years later, and me sprinkling him in several places over the years, and there is still a lot of Don left with me. Its a little bit comical. Anyway, this weekend, a bit more of him will be hanging out at the beach in his favorite state where he lived most of his years, before moving to NY with me.  Im happy to walk the white sandy beach with him, in the only way that I can now. 

Lastly, this will be my first time ever, attending Camp with a partner. The joy it gives me to expose Nick to this beautiful community of incredible people, is indescribable. Im also equally as proud and excited, for them to meet the man who brought joy back to my life again. Each Camp experience is rich and evolving - and I walk away with different and new insights. Just like life . I look forward to returning, and writing all about whatever awesome and awe-inspiring thing I will inevitably learn about this weekend. 

I hate death, but I love my tribe. 

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  • Renee' Prince
    commented 2018-03-24 11:44:41 -0700
    I like the way you describe grief as a Tsunami. I also like what you said about bringing “a bit of Don” with you. I still have my Tony in a box and haven’t really known, yet, what to do with him?