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    May 4, 2006 … so many years have passed since we got the cancer news but my body knows this date every year.

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    Loved, Missed and Remembered

    TileFix.jpgFor #givingtuesday Soaring Spirits is honoring every donation made in support of our research-based, hopeful programs by creating a custom memory tile as a thank you for every #givingtuesday donation!

    How it works:

    1. Make a donation for #givingtuesday by using the link below.

    2. Forward your donation confirmation to and attach a jpeg or png photo file of the person you’d like to remember. Copy and paste the following information into your email:

      Your name:
      The name of the person you’d like to remember:
      Your relationship to the remembered person:
      Text describing the memory you’d like to include with your photo:

    3. Check any Soaring Spirits social media feed to collect your tile!

      Instagram: @soaringspiritsint
      Twitter: @soaringspirits

    4. Share your photo and tag anyone with whom you’d like to share your memory or any person you’d love to create a memory tile with their own memories either or your loved one or someone else they’d like to honor!

    Soaring Spirits programs have experienced a 30% growth this year and we think this is just the beginning of serving an increasing number of widowed people every year. Your donation of any amount will help us reach our goal of raising $30,000 this year in support of our 30% growth. Every dollar counts and every donation will be honored with a shared memory! What a beautiful way to make a difference as we also honor the endless nature of love.


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    An Evening Under the Stars Tickets

    64 donors
    100 donors

    There are only 100 tickets available to attend this memorable evening. Buy your ticket today be to sure one of those limited seats belongs to you!

    Location: Yorba Linda, California
    Exact address will be provided upon ticket purchase.

    All proceeds will benefit Soaring Spirits International, thank you!

    Travel and cooking related surprises to be included in the evening; we have an intimate and beautiful night planned for you!


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    Alumni, Community Supporters and Friends of Soaring Spirits
    Become a Soaring Spirits International Member Today
    Because Hope Matters!

    *Membership is never required for access to services.

    Soaring Spirits provides innovative programs, such as Camp Widow®, Widowed Village, the Newly Widowed Packet Program, Widowed Pen Pal, and the You are Not Alone Outreach. These unique resources have been lifelines, if not live-saving, for widowed men and women trying to rebuild their lives post-loss. 

    You can help fund and sustain these vital services
    by joining the Soaring Spirits International Membership Program.

    Whether you are one of our many alumni who have experienced and benefited from Soaring Spirits’ programs, a family member who’s witnessed a life reclaimed because of our intervention, or a community supporter who wants to reach out to neighbors in need, your contribution will ensure that our inclusive programs continue to thrive and provide
    resources, community and hope to any widowed person in need.


    The mission of Soaring Spirits is to help widowed people find hope, and to find each other.

    We connect and support over three million widowed people in communities across the United States, and around the world; and in eight short years, have become the worldwide leader in providing grief-recovery resources for the widowed.

    Because we LOVE our donors, giving comes with perks!

    Choose your level of giving now:

    $100 per month

    • Your loved one will be commemorated on a 4x4 photo tribute tile on our Wall of Love permanent installation
    housed at the Soaring Spirits Resilience Center at Schreiner University. 

    • 10% discount at all Camp Widow stores

    • Soaring Spirits full color membership pin

    $25 per month

    • Receive “Hopeful Musings” – A limited edition inspirational book written by Soaring Spirits founder Michele Neff Hernandez

    • 10% discount at all Camp Widow stores

    • Soaring Spirits full color membership pin

    $20 per month

    • Receive a signature Soaring Spirits mug

    • 10% discount at all Camp Widow stores

    • Soaring Spirits full color membership pin

    $15 per month

    • Receive an inspirational custom hand painted token

    • 10% discount at all Camp Widow stores

    • Soaring Spirits full color membership pin

    Your membership will help sustain the programs of Soaring Spirits and ensure that men and women who are widowed tomorrow will have a community of support available to them from the first moment of their widowhood, and for years to come. Thank you. 

    *Soaring Spirits membership provides an opportunity for our community to support Soaring Spirits programs with a small monthly donation. If you would like to join Soaring Spirits as an annual member, please click here

    Please note that membership is never required for access to services.  



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    Just made a donation to Soaring Spirits International in memory of Fred K. Taylor

    Dedicate Newly Widowed Packets

    Soaring Spirits Newly Widowed Packets are provided, free of charge, to any widowed person who requests one.

    Filled with supportive comments from other widowed people, a newly widowed checklist, a small reminder that hope matters, and program information for all Soaring Spirits programs, these packets are designed to immediately connect any widowed person with the Soaring Spirits community.

    Our Newly Widowed packets are provided through the generosity of our donors. All donors are given the opportunity to write a personal dedication that will be included on the packets they have donated. Each packet costs $5 to create, and packets can be donated in groups of twenty.

    If you’d like to provide a group of newly widowed people with this immediate connection to understanding, hope and community, please use the form below to make your donation and our team will be in touch to help you create your custom dedication.

    We are humbled to have the opportunity to do our work in your loved one’s honor.

    *All donations are processed in US$


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    I have those regrets, too, Mike, and think it’s probably pretty normal for most of us to have a list of those ‘easy’ places we should have visited with our loves. I’ve now retired and I’m traveling … and I’m feeling the emotions that go along with doing things we should have done together when we had the chance. Not so much guilt, but a lot of regret that we didn’t fit in those little trips when we had the opportunity. I find myself looking at these new spots through his eyes, appreciating the things that I know he would have embraced, and that helps me feel he is right there with me.

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    So happy that you’ve allowed yourself to listen to those inner voices urging you to trust where they are leading. I did that 46 years ago … stepped outside my normal, practical, always do the ‘right’ thing behavior … and it led me to my forever love. One tiny little decision made all the difference. Bless you and Mike and Shelby during these special days of discovery.

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    Congratulations on the arrival of little Patrick, Kerryl. Love your photo of your precious Batman & Robin. Wishing you all much happiness.

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    Congratulations to Kerryl and new big brother John, and a loving welcome to little Patrick.

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    One-Time Donation

    *All donations are processed in US$


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    I recognized the sparks between you and Sarah at Camp Widow Tampa and have loved reading each of your blogs as your relationship has grown. This is such a beautiful tribute to the love you and Sarah share and the love you both share with Drew and Megan. Thank you for sharing it with the rest of us. It’s inspiring.

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    This is so very beautiful, Sarah. What a wonderfully kind, loving and open-hearted woman. So happy to watch you and Mike ‘begin again’ through your posts.

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    This is soooo fabulous, Rebecca! Enjoy every moment of this spur-of-the-moment trip.

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    Not Quite Good Enough

    08_18_09.jpgAh yes, the List of sounds so very like something out of Hogwarts, and in fact the original list Michele described yesterday was crafted by a couple of witches for certain! I do have to admit to a sense of shame after reviewing the first list, were we really so shallow? No, we weren't. But the first list was written as a joke...more as a protection against the mere thought of men. I mean, why would we even really consider another relationship? We'd been happy already. Maybe we had already been given our happiness allotment? Maybe we should just count ourselves lucky and retire? 

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So very grateful to be able to give back to this amazing widowed community.
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